Dear Twenty-Somethings: Here Are 5 Ways To Embrace Who You Are And Cherish Your Life Now


1. Reach out!

There’s nothing wrong with getting help. Don’t forget your support system either, because those people are the ones who love and care about you. Trust me, you don’t have to do this all on your own. Work with someone or a partner and get to know that dynamic. They will keep it real, call you out if needed, check your progress and make sure you’re on track, like having a workout buddy. My sister suggested career coaching for me, which I never considered in the first place. I’m ever so grateful she did though. I ended up finding the right career coach and she is absolutely amazing! The coach helped me discover who I really am and find my true passion in life. Therefore, I decided to switch career paths and now realize what I am meant to do. I’ve never felt so ambitious and eager to take on the world again with more focus, without letting my weaknesses hold me back.

2. Take small steps.

I’ve been working extremely hard towards getting my dream job, in which, I know I’m closer to achieving that goal. I’ve been taking classes that have been invaluable in honing my skills, since there’s always room for more education. I’ve also been volunteering at a local cat shelter for over a year. I’ve loved cats since I was young, so it warms my soul and feels rewarding to do something out of the goodness of my heart. The point is to create stepping stones towards reaching that mountain. You must be patient with yourself and you too, can accomplish your goals. Don’t do everything all at once. One thing can lead to another and make a huge difference. Think big, act small but challenge yourself. Push yourself to move forward. Everything will be okay and rise up from the tough times. You’ll always have people around to lend you a hand, so you can get back up anyway.

3. Don’t ever compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.

Social media can be the worst when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, and you see people having the time of their lives – whether they’re vacationing in Europe, getting published in a magazine, buying a home, being accepted into an Ivy League school, having babies, getting engaged or married. Sound familiar? Well, social media only shows a distorted image of someone’s seemingly all put-together life, but everything isn’t always as it appears to be. You never know what goes on behind closed doors or in this case, behind the person’s social media persona. Comparison really is the thief of all joy. Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Willpower, y’all! I know it’s easier said than done, but it just leaves you feeling depressed, lousy, jealous or even envious. I mean, who wants that? No one does! Learn to stop comparing yourself and be productive with your own time, by focusing on more important things.

4. Have persistence and be resilient.

Ignore that negative voice inside your head. Remove all self-doubt, worry and fear. Negative energy isn’t worth it and will take you nowhere, except into a much darker place. Try to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety – be mindful. Let go of having to live up to other people’s expectations and standards on what you should be doing. And please, don’t put yourself down either. You are worth it and more than enough. Remain true to yourself, your values and morals. Be proud of who you are (flaws and all, you lovely people) and what you did well today. Ask yourself what you will accomplish tomorrow, and the same for the next day and so forth. What can you do to improve or be better at? After all, the only person you are better than is the person you were yesterday. Stay authentic, because no one can do a greater job of being you, than you!

5. Reignite that spark of light within you.

Recognize and acknowledge your strengths. I bet you have many talents because you, my friend, have excellent potential. You may even discover other hidden parts about you along the way. Follow whatever your heart desires and soon, your dreams will turn into reality. As long as you have the drive and passion, then you’re one step forward into taking action. Do whatever you love that makes you happy, because I can promise that you’ll exude more confidence than before. Quit obsessing over what other people are doing. Instead, use that time to truly invest in yourself, pursue your interests and plan on what you really want to do or become – whether it’s to be a writer, painter, take an acting class, travel, go back to school or move across the country, whatever it is, go for it! Who’s stopping you?

It may seem like you’re falling behind, but life was never meant to be a race. When everything slows down and you’re in the present, you can immediately start to enjoy and appreciate life more. Have fun, laugh often, treasure the gift of today and take in all of the beautiful surroundings wherever you are.

One quote that I absolutely resonated with from one of my favourite TV shows, Younger, was this: “There’s no perfect plan in getting your life right. There’s always compromises. You don’t always know what’s coming.”

See? You don’t need a plan. You don’t need to have your whole life figured out. Changes are inevitable and are bound to happen. Accept them. Whatever you do, don’t ever lose hope. You are allowed to make mistakes, because you’re human. No individual has succeeded in life without failing.

You have the power and freedom to create the best life possible for yourself. It’s up to NO ONE ELSE but you, on however you wish to achieve it. You can become anyone you want.

Truly cherish being in your 20s while you can. We may not know each other or even possibly met, but I still believe in you. You got this.