Dear Twenty-Somethings: Here Are 5 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now


1. You don’t manage your time properly.

Let me guess what your day is like: After sifting through emails, you scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and before you know it, it’s noon. After eating lunch you answer a few emails, and respond to a few other things before beginning actual work. It’s not a surprise there’s not much getting done when you actually start working mid-afternoon.

2. You don’t prioritize.

Again, social media isn’t so much of a priority that it has to take up 70% of your day. Also, when you’re replying to emails you’re mostly being re-active, rather than pro-active. Doesn’t it feel better to get a reply email rather than being the one replying all the time? Other things like working on making lasting relationships should probably be another priority. Surrounding yourself with positive and genuine people will almost always trump random’s you’ve met in a dive bar.

3. You get wasted at networking events and instead of making real connections you become Facebook friends with some girl who is interning at an art gallery.

We’ve all been there. You to go some networking event, drink too much wine and forgot that you are actually there for work and not to socialize. There’s a fine line between the two and you need to figure that shit out. Make connections, get contacts and then do whatever you like (to an extent).

4. Shopping is not a necessity.

This one is mostly for women, but can be also used generally. Let’s be real here: we’re all guilty of wanting to look good; though buying a outfit, shoes, Iphone etc. doesn’t really matter when you have to sit at home each weekend eating ramen noodles because you have no money.

5. You spend insane amounts of money on things.

Korean pop-up restaurants, shopping at whole foods or going for champagne picnics, you know you’re guilty.

This could probably be included with #2 but I feel like this is a whole other planet that should be mentioned. Guess what? Going out for dinner four times a week isn’t the norm. Spending most of your cash on rare cheese from the Swiss Alps, nori, kombucha and hazelnut butter is probably eating up your paycheck (pun intended). This is the kind of lifestyle you all want, yet living within your means is something you just don’t understand.

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image – iStockphoto