Definitive Proof That Ryan Reynolds Is The King Of Twitter


Look, we can all argue about who is truly Twitter royalty, but we can’t argue about this: Ryan Reynolds is the best of the best, and he deserves to be recognized as much.

As we know, the Deadpool actor is funny. He’s proven that with nearly all of his films — he can execute a joke perfectly without changing his facial expression at all. But the reason he’s so good at playing the funny character is because he’s a funny character irl, and it’s all evidenced in his tweets.

To start out with, he’s just so #relatable.

He’s about as mischievous as the actual Deadpool is.

He also has some amazing posts about his family, proving that dad humor is far from dead.

But what makes Reynolds so incredibly perfect is the way he interacts with fans with the same touch of humor that he does everything else.

You know, like that one time one of his fans got a tattoo of his name and he was all for it.

Or that one time one fan photoshopped him into her prom photos and he was fully supportive.

My favorite is the way he responds to people’s lewd comments.

Yep. He’s the king, and you can fight me about it.