Depression Is Hidden By A Smile


Depression isn’t only for those who think that the only solution to escape the misery they are living, is to end their life once and for all.

Well, that was what depression looked like in the old times. But now everything has changed. We wouldn’t notice that someone who’s energetic and bubbly enough is battling his/her own demon. Now, depression is hid in the depths of the ocean Titanic sank in. It is hidden behind those cheerful laughs, sweet smile and gorgeous eyes. It doesn’t anymore look like it’s written all over a person’s face. It is now called smiling depression.

I guess smiling through depression is a talent that I have acquired over the years of not knowing I already had it in the first place. It is hard to share to our loved ones what we are going through because they might misunderstand us. It’s scary to open up to people because they see you as this happy go lucky pal who always made his/her squad to tear up laughing. It’s like I shouldn’t be the one who tell his/her friend problems because I should be the one listening to them.

So, for those who has a smiling depression, you are not alone. You have my support and always remember no matter what you are going through always remember that you are loved. Do not let only darkness hold you, try to find the light and to be able to do that you must defeat your own demon, and only you can do that.

Depression is a disease that is not being handled well by the society. Instead of helping a depressed person he/she is being stigmatized because “society” thinks that it is a matter of choice to be depress or not. Well, speaking that it is also a choice to make. However, depression it not what you think it is. It is not easy as 123 nor memorizing the alphabet.

Because depression will cling to your soul, act as your bestfriend but will drag you down to the pit of a blackhole, and will make you think that you are home and apparently you are not. It will brainwash you and eat you out until you feel alone and empty all at once.