Descriptions Of Cute Puppies


The Internet is flooded with pictures of cute puppies. But this is the only place you can get that same cuteness in text form. I figured people love looking at cute puppy pictures and people really loveee paragraphs so I combined the two and have given you eight descriptions of puppies. I’m sorry for nothing.

1) There’s a puppy with brown and black fur napping on a couch. The puppy is sleeping on his back. The puppy looks like he is smiling and you can imagine he is having a nice puppy dream.

2) A puppy is standing on her hind-legs and is using her front-paws to lean on a small puppy bar. On the dog bar there’s a sign that says, “No Humans Allowed.” The puppy has a dog bowl in front of her full of what looks like gin and olives. It’s a Barktini!

3) Two puppies are playing with an inflatable ball. It’s clear that one of them just tried to jump on the ball as he is on his side but still has one foot resting on the toy. He probably jumped on the ball and then, PUPRISE! he was on the ground. The other one hasn’t seemed to notice and is still charging for the ball, pawsibly to make the same mistake.

4) There’s a pile of newspapers with a puppy sticking her head out to see if anybody’s mad. The puppy has white hair and a bit of the newspaper ink has rubbed off on her nose. She might not be able to read, but she could tell it was a ruff week.

5) A puppy somehow made her way into a teacup. She’s so small! The puppy doesn’t have front teeth and so her tongue is hanging out. I bet you can special order this at Starpups.

6) Three puppies have formed a mini-puppy pile. Two of them seem ridiculously happy to be hanging out and to be alive but one seems to be frowning. I think the frowning puppy has a bone to pick and we should probably leave him albone.

7) Decked out in a corduroy jacket and horn-rimmed glasses, a puppy is reading The New Yorker with a puppy pipe hanging from his mouth. Unlike the newspaper puppy, this puppy learned to read and write and plans to finish his first puppy novel, Hairy Pupper and the Sorcerer’s Bone, in the near future.

8) A boy puppy and a girl puppy seem to be high-fiving each other. Perhaps they just came back from a date at the puppy bar and they both want to give each other puppy kisses but are too shy to take initiative. Maybe the puppy’s dad was considered a dog by the ladies and the puppy is afraid of following in his paw-steps.

You’re welcome.

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 puppy image – Wiki Commons