Despite My Loss Of Hope, I Hope It Gets Better


The faint smell of air fills up my nostrils

As my eyes forced themselves to open

Still hoping for our humanity to return.

I’ve already forgotten what the sun looked like,

Instead it was replaced with

Sudden bursts of fire coming from the sky.

I imagine fireworks lighting up our dark sky

But the damage it brought made me think twice.

Ashes and blood taint my body

Like tattoos permanently scarring my whole being

As the cold envelopes it.

Before, continuous cries filled the forgotten city,

Continuous and unheard cries,

Now it seemed there were no people left

But instead bodies and souls,

Haunting you and your conscience forever.

The silence was deafening for the people who cried and hoped for anew.

Although help seemed impossible now,

My hope for humanity still continued,

Despite the growing doubt which will seem to linger forever.

Someone then, grabbed my hand and promised me a tomorrow,

But after everything,

I didn’t believe in tomorrow anymore,

Tomorrow was just a dream

That everyone hoped to come true

But in the end, it never did.

And as we travel to somewhere better,

I thought of the home

I will always think of as better.