Did Anyone Else Catch The Terrifying Commercial In The New Westworld Trailer?


Today we were blessed with a new HBO teaser for Westworld’s upcoming season, and couldn’t help but bubble over with excitement for its return next month. However, as devoted fans of the show, we knew that this trailer was hiding something beneath the surface, and took to reddit to see what popular WW sleuths uncovered.

It turns out that Reddit user TheOracleOW started a thread just a few hours ago, and claimed that he had found a binary code in the new footage. After users ran it through a binary calculator, the code was translated to a website.

The website? Owned by Delos, the controlling conglomerate in the series. Centered on a blank page is a video, that seems normal, until you get halfway through it. As with most of Westworld, we aren’t surprised, because we can’t have nice things on this show. Nothing is ever as it seems. The video starts to glitch and flicker, and the audience is suddenly met with horrifying graphic scenes. If you look at the URL, you can see the word freedom in it. For most fans of the show, we know what this is implying. A fight for freedom.

Watch the video here, and see if you can pick up any new clues that you can obsess over until the series is back on April 22nd at 9pm EST on HBO.