Discussion: What’s The Most 90s Sentence You Can Think Of?


Today in nostalgia: reddit users are submitting the most 90s sentences they can think of. A few that we liked:

“Coming Soon To Video” – ban_radi0

“Pause the tape guys, I’m getting a page.” – meatflop

“If you love it so much why don’t you marry it!” – JayElric

“I hear gas prices are going to be over two dollars soon.” – eselbe

“Insert cassette two now.” – microhamster

“It’s now safe to turn off your computer.” – aigoo

“No big whoop.” – LiveToSnuggle

“Be kind. Please Rewind.” – luciuspecker

“Buy a house as soon as possible and build some equity. It can only increase in value.” – tap112

“Call me on my home phone!” – LEIFey

What’s the most 90s sentence you can think of?

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