Discussion: Why Are Dogs So Awesome?


Dogs are so freaking chill and cool. And they just love you immediately, for no reason. It’s like a mother’s love. An aggressive, annoying, suffocating mother’s love. And instead of bringing you food she brings you a soggy drool-covered tennis ball.

Here’s my dog and his best friend Red playing in the water at the beach one day:

[protected-iframe id=”f8b6f50f96e04c7f7b4d5275eba06836-7369149-51330944″ info=”//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js” ]

Man, they just seem so happy. Right after I stopped filming Red got mad he didn’t have a stick and tried to drown my dog but then they went back to being best friends again. My dog also has a girlfriend named Coco who lives in the house behind mine and they stare out the window at each other all day.

Anyways. Why are dogs so awesome? They are way cooler than cats and more loving/chill than humans. They’re happy basically all the time. The other day someone tossed a box that came in the mail to me and my dog intercepted it and literally spent the next 30 minutes having the time of his life, chewing on a box. I can’t remember the last time I was that happy but whatever it was cost me a lot more than whatever a box costs.

This was a pretty important week for dogs and dog-appreciators:

Heaven seems so much cooler now. More like some place I would want to end up and less like a scary sanitized place where you have to be on Church Behavior all day. Dogs make everything better. Like, if there is ever anything in your life that seems like it’s the best it could possibly be, just imagine if you added a dog to it!

If you don’t have a very good imagination, here are 25 potential dogs to picture adding to your life event.

I love dogs. I have a Pinterest board to keep track of all the dogs I want. So far there are 227 dogs I want. I just want too many because they make me ridiculously happy and I don’t even understand why.

Sometimes I have fantasies when I go to take a nap that I have like 3 giant dogs to curl up with and we just nap and take selfies together.

That’s it. I just wanted to have a discussion about dogs. Why are they so fricken awesome?