DJ Khaled Doesn’t Believe In Performing Oral Sex… But ‘The Rock’ Sure Does


This past weekend, the Internet exploded when clips of DJ Khaled admitting he refused to perform oral sex on his wife, Nicole Tuck, began circulating around the Internet. His reasoning? He’s a king, and it’s not a king’s job.

The Breakfast Club in 2015:

“A woman should praise the man — the king. If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen. But you know, my way of praising is called, ha-ha, ‘How was dinner?’, ‘You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting? I’m taking care of your family, I’m taking care of my family…’ You know, I’m putting in the work.”

Unsurprisingly, very few people took that comment well.

But while DJ Khaled adamantly tells the world that he would “never” do that (seriously, not ever?), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just wants you to know that, well, uh, he definitely WOULD do that. For sure.

Okay, wow. It was one thing when Smash Mouth told of DJ Khaled for his sexual faux pas, but this admission is a whole other thing. I think I need a minute.

Of the many reasons we need more Dwayne Johnsons in the world, this is, in my opinion, an important one. Thanks for speaking out on our behalves, The Rock.