Do It Just ‘Cause You Can


“I’ll try it someday.” “Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.” “It seems fun, but I don’t know…”

Those are just a few of the phrases that we say when we’re too afraid to create, to try something new. Even if a new idea excites us, and it’s something that could potentially make us happy, we’ll push it off. We say, “Tomorrow,” every single day.

We complicate things that shouldn’t be complicated. Just do the thing. Do it because it interests you. Do it just ‘cause you can.

You don’t have to flip the thought over and over again in your mind because you already know that you want to do it. It’s there in front of you, you have the chance to do it. You have a chance that others wish they had, a chance that others would grasp without thinking.

Why are you thinking about it so much? What’s making you stop?

Even if the chance isn’t right in front of you, you can create the chance. Make the opportunity, you don’t always have to wait for it.

Don’t be afraid of what others will say, of the possibility of failure, of the hard work, you’ll be fine. You’re incredibly strong and much braver than you know. You’re better than this.

Maybe it’ll be scary, but there’s no point in letting the fear stop you. You can’t keep pushing it off because the day will come when you don’t even have a chance to push it off any longer.

You can do it, and that’s why you should. If you continue to be afraid, then you’re going to regret not giving this thing a chance.

Look, all of the things you’re reading now are cliché. You’ve read and heard them before. You know all of this.

Right now you have a choice: You can take this information, this motivation you’re feeling right now and do something with it or you can ignore the motivation and continue on with your life, coming back in one month to reread something else like this because nothing in your life has changed.

That’s going to happen every single month until you decide fuck it and take action. Taking risks is scary, and that’s why it’s called stepping out of your comfort zone, because it feels awkward, but that’s life.

You can’t always do something to avoid feeling weird and exposed and like you don’t know why the hell you listened to someone like me. But if you keep going and keep pushing, you will reach your goal and you will not have regretted a thing.

Make a different choice today—no right now. Choose to do the thing that scares you because the reward is bigger than if you were to continue going through the motions.

You’re not alone in this. A lot, I mean a shit load of people feel this way. They’re afraid, so you’re not alone. You’re not alone in taking a risk either. You’re not alone in going against society’s rules to do what you love.

You’re never alone, and we’ll all be with you every single step of the way, cheering you on. You won’t see or hear us, but it’s true. I’m cheering for you, and I’m envisioning success coming your way.

Don’t let that go to waste. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Do it just ‘cause you can.