Do Not Apologize For Your Heart


It’s time you stop beating yourself up for falling in love. Stop replaying every moment over and over in your mind. It is not your fault you stayed when you knew it wasn’t meant for you. You do not need to apologize for your heart; for caring too deeply. You do need to stop opening up your heart to hurt though.

Every time you respond to his text messages, you are opening your heart back up to be hurt. I know this is harsh and it hurts, but he is not the one. He wasn’t ready for your love; for your heart. So every time you let him back into your life, you are accepting the hurt.

It happens when you least expect it. You are out having a great time with your friends. Or maybe you are finally at a place where you feel at peace, a sense of freedom. You start to feel like you will be able to move on and open your heart up again. Then your phone screen lights up: “Hey, how have you been?”

A simple question. It appears he is checking in on you, being a friend. He isn’t. The problem is that sometimes people come back into your life the moment they realize they no longer are needed. Unfortunately, he lost the privilege to know how you were doing long ago. He made a conscious decision that he wasn’t able to love you the way you deserved. Was he wondering how you were doing when you were groveling in heartbreak and darkness?

I want you to realize that you matter. Your heart and the way you love other people so deeply is amazing. Protect that heart. Please don’t ever apologize for your heart…it is the very reason why it’s so hard for you to let someone who hurt you go. I want you to be strong enough to let him go though. I want you to protect your heart and open it up to the possibility of love. Just remember that he is not worth the hurt. You fell in love with someone that wasn’t meant for you, but you are better for it.

Keep shining beautiful…your love will be reciprocated by the right person. I promise you.