Do Not Beg Them To Stay


People come and go—that’s something that we all know but have difficulty accepting. We try to fix things. We try to fight the universe, and yet no matter what we do, they always end up walking away.

We can’t make people stay.

You can’t make people stay.

And that’s okay, because the people who deserve to be in your life will never think of leaving you, so stop begging them not to go, no matter how badly you want them to. Stop blaming yourself because they chose to leave. Stop making yourself think you could’ve done better when you’ve given it your best. Stop letting yourself be blinded of the love you have for that person, because even though they probably did love you, they didn’t love you enough to stay and fight for you—with you.

The moment they decide to leave, cry your eyes out, let you heart ache, but do not beg them to stay, even if your insides are screaming to do so. Gracefully let them go. Let your fingertips dance as they’re intertwined with theirs and let them slowly slip away. Rest your hand on their face and memorize it one last time, but decide to walk away. Watch them as they leave without looking back and let yourself break.

People will come and go and that’s okay, because the right people will always stay. They will be with you no matter how rough things get, because being with you through bad times is better than being without you at all, so do not settle for less.

Do not ask people for what you deserve. Do not hold onto people who have already let go of you.

Be patient. The right ones will always find their way to you, and they will never leave or hurt you.