Do Not Say You Love Me If You Think You’ll Change Your Mind


Love has been taken for granted. We flaunt it and we damage it on so many more platforms than our hearts. We let the words fall off of our tongues and explode hearts like bombs, but then we try to sweep it under the rug and ignore the permanent mess that it has made.

We take it as seriously as we take traffic rules, but we don’t realize the risk we’re taking with others’ lives. We pretend and live as actors in a scene that is bound to break at intermission. But don’t you want your happy ending?

We go through relationships just to pass the time. We date around just for the hell of it. We sleep around just for fun. We marry and we divorce. We scatter broken hearts across the world and leave it to others to clean up the chaos. Yet we are all brokenhearted at some level.

Even the word itself, love, has lost its true meaning in the world. Today, it’s temporary. Tomorrow, it could be. Next year, it never was. It’s the reason so many lost souls amble through the world wondering, “Did you ever love me?”

So please… Do not say you love me if think you’ll change your mind. Do not say you love me as if you can love another. Do not say you love me if your future is not laced with my name.

Do not love me unless it’s true.

So I will not stand for temporary, or moderately. I will wait until the earth shatters beneath me and it is love that is keeping me standing. There are rules to loving me.

Love me as if I were the last drop of water in a desert. Love me as if I were the last shelter in a storm. Love me as if I were the last cookie on the plate. Love me as if there was always a chance to go from good to goodbye. Love me like you mean it.

I will love you like you’re the last star to light the night sky. I will love you like you’re the last breath I’ll ever take. I will love you like you’re the last song I’ll ever hear, and I will sing along to you – always. I will love you like you’re my favorite hello.

Hold me as if I could disappear at any moment. Kiss me as if were our final goodbye. Believe in me as if I were your religion. Fight with me only to learn and never just to be right.

I will trust you like you’re the only truth I know. I will explore the world with you as if our days are numbered. I will push you as if your goals are my own. I will look at you, always, like the first time I fell for you.

Be with me as if distractions did not exist. Risk with me as if we have nothing to lose but each other. Sleep with me as if we’re always living in a dream. Teach me as if your heart is the only lesson I ever need to know.

Love me, only, always, as if it’s true, and I will love you like I mean it.

Let’s change the way the world defines the word “love.” Let’s bring it back to its original form – to forever, to eternity, till death do we part. Let’s stop using “I love you” like a catch phrase, and instead respect the power it holds.

Love is not a trend. Love is not a cliché. Love is not something transitory. It is real, and it is true – because you cannot lie to your heart.

Love is not a fad. Love is not a myth. Love is not something you say to get out of a fight. It is honest, and it is right – because all wrongs before it finally make sense.

Love is the end all, be all. Love is everything – so please, do not turn it into “something” which always eventually just turns into nothing.

So I’ve made some rules for loving me, because I don’t want to be momentary. The thing is, though, is that I know the moment love really, truly finds me… We will break all of the rules because love, true love, always does.

Until then there are standards I will keep as I do my best to remind the world what love should be. It should be something more than what we make it out to be. It should be everything, really.

Let’s love like we mean it, because what matters in the world if not love?

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