I’m just curious because this year I’ve noticed the holiday is over saturated in a different sense… Maybe it’s like this every year and I’ve never noticed but this February I’ve seen more Valentine’s Day content related to SINGLE PEOPLE everywhere and I’m pretty sure it’s a huge waste of time. At least make the content about people in relationships because that way it’s at least RELEVANT

I’m single, no Valentine, and I really don’t see why anyone sans Valentine or relationship should really care. Realistically most people are just sitting at work going about their day the exact same way they would normally. Maybe they got a bouquet of flowers or something from their boyfriend or girlfriend and instagrammed it and maybe they’re going to dinner tonight. Maybe they’re doing something awesome like going on a mini getaway because it’s a Friday and a lot of people have off on Monday. Other than that… it’s pretty much any other day. We have TVs all over the office and at our desks because I work for a media company in a PR department and ALL DAY talk show coverage has been “What you can do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day”. WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING?! I don’t understand why these are actual segments that are being produced. Don’t even get me started on the Internet – I mean all you have to do is go through Thought Catalog’s recent pages and there’s just a massive abundance of Valentine’s Day related content from single people telling other single people what to do today, relationship people not wanting to be relationship shamed by single people, etc. It’s actually wild because I only saw one 20-something list instead of the usual twelve.

I’m not salty that I’m single today (or any other day for that matter) or relationship shaming anybody that is happily in love – I’m just genuinely curious why a day that is, at its core, simply about love should be a day that is so entirely focused on the activities of single people. This day has received so much unnecessary attention and now here I am giving it more because I’m actually confused by it. So please – can someone enlighten me – DO SINGLE PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT BEING SINGLE ON VALENTINE’S DAY?