Do You Know How Easy It Is To Make Red Velvet Pancakes?


Years ago I’d heard rumors about “red velvet pancakes,” but I am a typical urban millennial and don’t cook that often so I filed this knowledge away. Last week, I was house sitting in a big country home with a full pantry. Basically the opposite of my tiny kitchen. It was 8pm and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I asked myself “What is the most perfect late dinner?”

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this red velvet pancake recipe emerged from the clutter of my subconscious.

I googled it again. All you have to do is make a regular pancake recipe, which is already easy, and then substitute red velvet cake mix for flour. (So yes, these are a dessert and not a dinner, judge away). It took less than five minutes for me to put an egg, milk, baking soda and vanilla in the blender, mix it up, and pour it onto a griddle.

In less than 10 minutes my dreams had turned into a reality:

And I was right, it IS the perfect late dinner. Spread the word bbs.