Do You Look For The God Or Goddess In Your Lover?


Oftentimes, we just see the covering.. the face, the body, the hair, the mood… And often this is also all that we share.. It’s all that we want our partner to see as well.

But when we look into the eyes of our lover and see deeper, we discover something phenomenal. We see something divine.. something timeless.. something peaceful and loving and wonderful.

People used to ask Mother Theresa how she did what she did with the crippled and dying day in and day out… She easily responded that she simply saw the light of Jesus in every person.

To look beyond someone’s current situation and see the light in their eyes… to see their amazing humanity beneath whatever they might be going through is truly the answer.

Because it truly connects us to each other. And we are meant to be connected… deeply. We aren’t just social creatures requiring community. Our souls need deep connections. We need to see the truth in each other. We need others to truly see us too.. because when someone looks deeply into our eyes and truly sees us, we feel like we truly exist.

When we bring this into our lovemaking, magical things also happen. The bodies start to become a little irrelevant (compared to when we simply have sex). Suddenly there is an “energy” between us. There is a palpable presence that we are now playing within.

When we hold this vision of the god or goddess in our partner, it elevates the whole experience to a new level. Each person vibrates differently. You desire to do different things with each other… You have a radically different experience.

Plus one of the loveliest things about this practice is that it leaves the outside world “out there”. Our personalities might be all caught up in a hundred issues in our everyday lives… But when we choose to come together and see the divine in each other, we get a break. We get to experience something within us that is so magnificent and wonderful. And then we get to share it…

And we are made for this… Every single one of us.