Do You Miss Him Or Do You Just Miss Having Someone?


Here’s to the girls feeling so damn lonely, debating reaching out to their exes.

The ones who know them better than the rest.

The ones who they swear they’re still love.

Think about it, do you really love him? Or just the idea of him?

Loneliness is real. Especially as a young adult where you slowly find your number of single friends gradually declining and transitioning into wives/husbands/mothers/fathers. And it’s on those lonely days when we find ourselves wanting to reach out.

We want someone to take away our pain.

We know it’s a bad idea. We know this could lead to more vulnerability and heartache. And yet, we still debate it.

If we were to actually look at ourselves, we’d probably realize we love the idea of them more than them.

We reminisce over the good times, never the bad. In a lot of cases, they represent an easier, more care-free time in our lives. They represent our youth and that feeling of being wanted.

Here’s the thing though, if we allow ourselves to crawl back to them, time after time, in all those moments of loneliness, are we really giving ourselves a chance to grow?

No. We’re stunting our ability to possibly find our ‘one’. The ability to join our friends in married life.

So on those dark moments, when you’re feeling all alone, wondering when it’s your turn, if you’ll ever find your one, delete his number.

Turn off your phone.

Realize what you’re feeling is normal. But also realize it’s time to let go.

It’s time to leave the past in the past.