Do You Realize The Beauty Of Life?


Have you ever really stopped for a second just to admire the beauty in everything around you… I mean really stopped and thought about how blessed you are to be where you are right here right now? There are so many beautiful things that surround you- let it all captivate you. I’ve been doing this now since February, when I found out my mom was diagnosed with cancer. When you find out someone very close to you is sick, it makes you realize that life is really too short to not be happy where you are right now. This is something that I pride myself in because I really don’t take things for granted- but how can you when you find the single most important human in your life could not make it to see you in your wedding dress or meet any future grandchildren. She could have not been a survivor this time around or could relapse any day which is enough to make you dig deep into your own self and ask, “Am I really living as much of a  fulfilling life as I can?” This is the reason why I take a moment each day to let the beauty of my life grasp hold of my soul and be able to lose myself in how lucky I really am.

Looking out my bedroom window right now I can see an old abandoned steel factory and it isn’t too much to look at, yet I find myself respecting its beauty from the old windows, to the solid black simple structure. I encourage you to just go outside, close your eyes, and just listen. Listen to the wind as it strikes chimes and they move flowingly through the air effortlessly. There could be crickets chirping, people talking, or music playing. Most say that music moves them, but you should take the time to appreciate the lyrics that are behind a song, it tells an angelic story. Also, I encourage you to take a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood, you will see the true beauty in everything around you — breathe it in.

What is more beautiful than letting yourself love, and be loved? There is a certain look that someone gives another that in that moment, only you both are the only two people who exist. Furthermore, if you have that with someone special, man you should really sit down and admire it. I don’t mean sit down and have a stare down contest with them, but just make sure you value those moments when they pull you in for a kiss and you can feel the compassion of their love for you, when you’re making love for the first time in a long time, or when they are expressing how they feel about you. Lose yourself in those delicate moments for they are the moments that might seems so small now, but they are the one’s that are worth living for.

You may think that you don’t lead that much of a beautiful life, but you are wrong. Those nights when you’ve stayed up just smiling about something or someone that made your day, embrace it. I can guarantee it will always be the little things that make your life special and remarkable, not the materialistic ones. So with this said, I challenge you to get lost in it, all of it, this is the only way you can live the most fulfilling life possible. Lastly, it is important to remind the ones you care for and love how happy you are that they get to share the beauty in the world with you, because who knows they could be gone tomorrow.