Do You Really Want To Date The Girl Who Travels?


You’ve seen it before: the many variations of the piece “Date a Girl who Travels.” But when you think about it, do you really want to date a girl who travels? It sounds just like your cup of tea, you say, but the truth is it is may not be — it certainly is not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution.

Of course, the very idea is terribly attractive. A lady who travels possesses many qualities that can be utterly irresistible. She can be quite the storyteller without having to try very hard. She has a deep well to cull her stories from, after all: stories of that time she volunteered for a kibbutz in Israel, walked on glaciers in New Zealand’s Southern Island, or lost her passport in Poland (yet somehow managed to return home). A lady who travels tends to be open-minded and adventurous, and is willing to try (almost) anything once. She knows that life is short, and there is a big world out there waiting to be explored. Unlike perhaps many of her contemporaries, she appreciates material possessions but can do without them. Given the choice, she would rather spend her money on experiences and cheap but quality travel rather than on luxury goods and events.

The lady who travels understands that travelling is, essentially, about meeting people and connecting with them. It is this connection that has pushed her to travel far and wide. She has a warm personality and tends to be easy to get along with — a personality honed as a result of years of interaction with people from all walks of life, whom she learned to get along with one way or the other. She has mastered the art of interacting with kinds people. Her travels have taught her that at the root of it all, people — regardless of race, creed, educational attainment, economic background —  are the same. Their essence, their needs and wants, their being: all the same. She has discovered the common denominator, and has used it to charm her way into people’s hearts. Simply put, the girl who travels likes people — and people like her back. Dammit, how can you resist?

But resist you must. Oh, resist you must. In the event that you somehow spend enough time with this woman, and find yourself falling for her, there is one thing you must keep in mind: she travels. A lot. Your time with her is limited. But if you are fine with living in the moment, and having her just for now, forgetting the fact that the duration of your time together may well be limited by the length of her visa, then go ahead and proceed. Fall for her. Fall deep and hard. Feel jealous whenever she leaves for short trips, and wonder whether she is with someone and if he makes her laugh/smile/shudder/all of the above as much as you. Try your hardest to make her fall for you, too, when you are together, and fervently hope that she will fall hard enough that she will want to stay put. Stay put for you, in your corner of the globe.

Except that this will not likely be the case. Sooner or later, the world will beckon and she will be on the move again. She will leave you, off to discover another part of the world. Don’t get me wrong, she will weep as she leaves you — as she has done for others before. This is what she had to get used to at the onset of her love affair with the world. A girl who travels is one whose heart wears many scars. She is human and therefore susceptible to falling in love. But she accepts that this — this constant loving and leaving — is part of the price she has to pay to fulfill her deepest desire to discover the undiscovered.

Unless you are willing and able to travel the world with her, and chances are you are not, will you still risk it with this girl? They say it is better to have loved and lost… you get the drift, but when you know how things will end, will you still start?

So, do you? Do you really want to date a girl who travels?