Do You Want To Keep Hurting Or Are You Ready To Heal?


I know that heartbreak hurts, I know that friend whom backstabbed you made you lose trust with everything and everyone. I understand the walls of comfort it brings to avoid and ignore it. I understand it’s easier to look away then to look at it. But what is the one thing we all want? What is the one thing you want?


The only way to find healing, my sweet friend, is to get uncomfortable.

I am not asking you to endure the heartbreak, to endure the pain of not trusting anyone, etc. I am asking you to simply face it if you truly want healing.

Majority of the time we keep the pain, we keep the hurt, we keep the anger and the bitterness, is because we are somewhat sick. We enjoy the comfort that the pain, hurt, anger and bitterness has brought us. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be so wounded for so long or have so many walls to tear down.

Stop trying to fill the void with more pain, more hurt, more anger and more bitterness.

STOP. Just please stop.

You owe it to yourself to not embrace the comfort, to get uncomfortable. You will grow far more into a greater person if you don’t allow those feelings and thoughts to consume you. You will be far more ahead if you don’t let those past moments to control you.

If you want freedom, you have free will. You get to decide, you get to make the choice whether or not you want to embrace the uncomfortable of new healthy feelings of freedom or enslave yourself to comfort of the pain that will slow you down to the person you aren’t meant to be.

My sweet friend, either you’re going to stop being comfortable or you’re going to get uncomfortable. Whatever decision you decide to make, just know it will hurt you or heal you.

What do you want to happen?