This Michigan Doctor Got Patients Addicted To Painkillers So He Could Blackmail Them For Sex


Dr. John Verbovsky, 67 is facing at least five years in prison after pleading guilty to getting patients addicted to painkillers, and then using their addiction as leverage to request sexual favors.

Dr. Verbovsky ran two clinics in Michigan where he overprescribed powerful pain medication to at least two patients. Once the patients became fully addicted to the medication he demanded sexual favors in exchange for additional prescriptions.

When investigators searched his computer they found images of one of his patients, bound and gagged on the floor.

There is a Facebook page in support of Dr. Verbovsky that has 32 followers.

The page has not made any posts since last March, so there is no visible reaction to his guilty plea.

Dr. Verbovsky appears to have extremely favorable reviews on, a doctor review website, with an average rating of 4.5 / 5 stars:

What in the world led him to such a dark place?

h/t 10 News