Donald Trump Is Going To Be The Best President Yet, You’ll See


I’m not even kidding when I say “best President” and if Tuesday’s address to Congress is any indication, President Trump sees the opportunity he has here to be the first President in decades to actually try to fulfill all his campaign promises.

It won’t be easy. Already, a lot of people who I think have their heart (not their head) in the right place have come out full force against the President accusing him of fascism, of racism, of misogyny. If you’re a man and you support Trump then you get called all those things yourself. You’re a supporter of someone vile and, in their eyes, that makes you vile too and inhuman as well. Worthy of contempt. God help if you’re a woman and a Trump supporter. You end up like this.

And no one will help you, especially not all the liberal protesters who think violence is a terrible thing until something doesn’t go their way.

It’s this unfeeling coldness and hatred of anything different that liberals often accuse conservatives of displaying and I’d be the first to admit that there were a few people at a few Trump rallies that got out of hand. However, there was never any violence like that exhibited by Clinton supporters deployed against their enemies in Illinois and California where Trump supporters were literally hunted and chased like animals in the streets all for having the audacity to show up to a rally and attend. In the streets of America today, it’s easy to see who the true fascists are and why so many Americans felt they were losing their country and voted Trump.

America is sick of that garbage. We’re sick of the hypocrisy. We want a president who will do what he says he will do or at least try with all his might. Trump is that president.

Already he’s made plans to build a wall along the Mexico/U.S. border that will keep illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. and driving down wages for working class people and stealing tax money spent on social services. Let them emigrate like the law says they should and not create an underclass in America where they’re basically indentured servants working for half wages in an underground economy. But liberals don’t understand economics even as they protest for a living wage. Wages are down because there’s too many cheap workers. It’s simple supply and demand.

Liberals love cheap, disposable labor and want more of it. Cheap maids, housekeepers, and gardeners for their houses all for far cheaper than any legal citizen would do it for and you can fire them or not pay them at a drop of the hat. After all, what are they gonna do? They’re in the country illegally? That’s moral somehow, I guess, to those on the left.

But no, Trump is the real monster because he wants American wages to be paid out to Americans, not exploited illegal immigrants who (understandably) will do almost anything to get ahead. It’s amazing to me how little liberals actually seem to care about struggling people of any color in this country. That’s why nearly every place in the country that’s poor or down on its luck voted red.

It’s also why Republicans dominate state governments now.

You seeing it yet? You’re surrounded, and only Chicago is keeping Illinois from becoming a deep crimson.

The amazing thing to me is how many liberals are fighting Trump on what ought to be the most bi-partisan objective there is, bringing jobs back to the U.S. But nope, liberals aren’t for that either. They’re for trade agreements that lift people in other countries out of poverty but not ones in our own country. If you’re poor and an American citizen then the Democratic Party and liberal student mob army don’t care about you a bit. Good luck, kiddo. Apply for welfare.

Trump is the first President in my lifetime that sees through the nonsense and won’t be swayed by ignorant emotional appeals or hypocrites in black masks beating people in the streets and setting fire to other people’s cars. It’s that ability to stay above the fray and just focus on doing what needs to get done that will see him and, yes, America, through all this. And, at the end of his first term when the country looks better than it has in years and your wages are higher and there’s less crime and fewer unemployed people or failing communities and people of all colors are happier and better off it will be Trump you have to thank for it.

Mark my words.