Donald Trump Just Tweeted Out A Disturbing Threat To Bernie Sanders


Donald Trump posted the below tweet this Sunday morning:

This tweet was in reply to Senator Sanders’ insistence that he isn’t organizing his supporters to protest at Donald Trump’s events.

(Not that it would even matter if he was, seeing as freedom of assembly and the right to protest are guaranteed in the Constitution.)

Trump’s ominous warning, “be careful” is a clear allusion to the fact that Trump himself enables violence among his protestors. Remember that guy who sucker punched a black man at a Trump rally, and later said that “next time I might have to kill him?”

Trump has announced that he is looking into paying the assailant’s legal fees, because the man “obviously loves his country.”

And so Trump is fostering violence in his supporters, amping them up with hateful rhetoric, paying their legal fees, and now telling Bernie Sanders that he would have to “be careful” if these supporters showed up at his events. For once I agree — Senator Sanders would have to be careful if Trump’s supporters showed up, because Trump has built a dangerously violent and unstable coalition.

This not-so-subtle threat of unleashing his violence supporters on the Vermont Senator is as disturbing as it is f*cking nuts.