Donald Trump Keeps Changing His Opinion Of The Electoral College Because His Only Ideology Is Himself


I don’t know if anyone actually cares about facts anymore, but let’s run through the tapes here.

In the 2012 election, Donald Trump supported former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. As the returns rolled in, and it became clear that President Obama had a lock on the electoral college even as he was initially losing the popular vote, conservatives like Donald Trump exploded.

He also encouraged people to respond to a potential popular vote winner, but electoral loser, by “marching on Washington” and taking other action.

Some of his tweets were later deleted, but showed even more forceful opposition to the college:

Of course, President Barack Obama went on to win the popular vote and the electoral vote, rendering much of Trump’s rantings pretty useless.

And to be fair, right after his election victory, Trump said he still supported abolishing the electoral college in a 60 Minutes interview.

But that was then, and this is now. Within the last hour on Twitter, Donald Trump has come out in defense of the Electoral College.

Disbelief in Donald Trump’s never-ending ideological changes isn’t even a good story anymore. It happens almost every day, with President-elect Trump just saying whatever strikes his fancy him at any given time. And this isn’t limited to issues either — but also people. His tune quickly changed on President Obama and the Clintons the minute they congratulated him on his great victory.

This man’s only ideology is himself, where the best method of lobbying him is flattery, and pure self-interest is the only litmus test for his beliefs. Perhaps some Americans will argue that this is true for all politicians, and perhaps they are right, but the extent to which many of us accept it when it comes from this so-called “outsider” is bemusing.