Donald Trump: Not An American Patriot But A New England Patriot


America, we need to have a serious discussion about the open secret that we’re living with as it cannot go unaddressed any longer. We are in a state of emergency. The President is not our own. Donald J. Trump is beholden to another interest and it’s become obvious that there is a shadowy, malevolent force pulling his strings. When looking at Trump as a politician, from his campaign tactics to his foreign policy, it is clear that there is only one man that he is trying to appease at any costs, only one man he would never dare to insult, only one man that he’s afraid of and that man is Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. If Trump’s supplication to the owner of the New England Patriots sounds absurd, then it’s only because you haven’t been paying attention. Let’s go through the evidence line by line. It is as shocking as it is damning.

Exhibit A: A pivotal endorsement. On the biggest night of his campaign, the night before the election, Donald Trump was down big in the polls, so he decided to throw a Hail Mary. He stood on stage in New Hampshire and took out a letter and read from it. It was an endorsement from Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. In the letter, Belichick praised Trump’s leadership ability, admonished the media, and wished him well in the election. The crowd cheered and Trump never looked back. With the Patriots political machine behind Trump, Hillary didn’t stand a chance, especially as Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback and the league’s best and most popular player, had already donned the red MAGA hat in support.

Exhibit B: “Spygate.” Once Kraft pushed Trump over the finish line in the election, it was only a matter of time before Kraft would begin to call in favors from the president. In 2007, the Patriots were caught illegally taping an opponent’s defensive signals and the resulting scandal was dubbed “Spygate” by the media. The incident cost the Patriots a first-round draft pick and their pride. A decade and two championships later, the “Spygate” label has stuck with the Patriots still, until now that is. In a series of tweets and comments to the media, Trump has attempted to brand the FBI’s monitoring of his campaign as “Spygate.” This is no accident. Pay attention. Trump will continue to use this the term “Spygate” ad nauseam until it’s lost all of its original meaning and it will no longer be associated with the Patriots, as per Kraft’s devious plan.

Exhibit C: Trump pulling the Eagle’s invitation to the White House. Traditionally, every Super Bowl winning team has celebrated their championship with the president. Not this year’s, however. The day before he was supposed to meet with the Philadelphia Eagles, Trump disinvited the team, citing their lack of respect for the national anthem as the reason. There’s only one problem with that line of logic, however. No Eagles players knelt during the national anthem all season. It doesn’t make sense. Trump, with his legendary reputation for being detail-oriented, would never overlook that fact. So what happened? Enter Kraft. Still embarrassed from his team’s defeat to the Eagles in the Super Bowl, Kraft decided to embarrass the Eagles by getting Trump to go through with this petty act of revenge.

Exhibit D: Trump’s foreign policy. The most compelling argument for Trump’s subjugation to Kraft is Trump’s warm-and-fuzzy attitude towards Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Sure, when Trump tried to lift sanctions on Russia, or attacked NATO members, or denied the fact that Putin interfered with the election, these acts could be seen as beneficial to Putin, but it’s ultimately beneficial for Kraft. It always comes back to Kraft. In 2005, Kraft met with Vladimir Putin while he was staying in Russia. During their time together, Putin put on Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring and never gave it back. True story. To this day, Kraft has not gotten over having his ring stolen. This is the true purpose of the Trump presidency, why Kraft installed him into the Oval Office in the first place, to put Trump in a position to demand Kraft’s ring back from Putin. All it will cost us in return is our country.

Upon the evidence I have provided to the court of public opinion, I rest my case. There is no denying the facts in this matter. There is a clear conspiracy between our president and the owner of the New England Patriots. Much like an erotic magic eye painting, once you become conscious to the perverse pattern in the larger picture there’s no unseeing it. You have been Patriots pilled. Consider yourself woke. And there’s no shame in having been a sheeple. You don’t have to be embarrassed, but it’s high time that we’re honest with each other and ourselves. It’s time we dealt with public enemy number one, Robert K. Kraft. It’s time to lock him up.