Don’t Apologize For Being A Hopeless Romantic


Don’t apologize for being a hopeless romantic.

Don’t say sorry. And don’t feel bad either. Don’t do any of it just because you admitted that you’re a hopeless romantic. Ignore those who criticize you for being unapologetically you. Deep down you know you shouldn’t even have to explain yourself.

You’re a hopeless romantic and there’s nothing wrong that.

You’re someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Good for you! Because while there are others who build walls around their hearts, you’re out there opening yourself up. You’re a strong individual and you especially have balls for putting your heart out like that.

Don’t feel bad for being a hopeless romantic because why should you? You’re out there trying to find love while others are squared away with their phones swiping at their screens and disappearing out of fear of rejection. You’re the one who’s one step ahead in this dating world.

Be proud of being a hopeless romantic because you believe that love is meant to be beautiful and downright serendipitous.

I mean it’s meant to be like that! Despite you tripping several times in the dating scene, you brushed off your knees and got up. You got up and still believed that love isn’t meant to cause pain.

Stand firm on your feet when people discover that you’re a hopeless romantic. The idea of a SO treating you kindly and with respect is not a far-fetched idea; that’s how it’s supposed to be! The thought of having a major disagreement with your SO then walking away only to have them chase after you is not just a scene from a Hollywood movie; it’s a life lesson in that you don’t walk away from the people you care about over stupid shit.

If you want to love someone in your own special way then go for it! We can’t always please everyone and not that we should either, but as a hopeless romantic, it’s hard to act out on your feelings in a world that disapproves of being honest with one’s emotions. In spite of it all, you ought to remain unapologetic as a hopeless romantic because sincere souls like you are what the modern dating world needs more of.