Don’t Be Afraid Of Unhappiness


I always find myself chasing happiness, as if I’m in a dream. But, as we’ve all experienced, chasing things in a dream seems almost impossible, as that person, object, or whatever it is seems to fleet away into the depths. Chasing happiness in this age has been blurred and the concept of “do what makes you happy” is now subjective. Our happiness is influenced by what we see on the internet, what our friends are doing, and just as when you would’ve thought that you found your “happiness”, it turns out to just be a paradigm of what you saw from others. We find ourselves contemplating as to what really makes us happy as individuals.

This subjectivity does not apply when compared to its antithesis. Being unhappy in a personal feeling, which the only person that can unpack why you’re so unhappy is… yourself. Truthfully, won’t be able to climb out of sadness without starting at the very bottom. I found that being in a state of sadness is a heavy driving force for change. Unhappy with your current relationship? You find change. Unhappy with your current work? You find change. Unhappy with your family relationships? You find change. Being unhappy is one of the most important feelings because it forces you to have a reason to chase happiness.

Chasing happiness without reason is like chasing something in a dream, you can see it but you’ll never attain it. Chasing happiness derives from running away from unhappiness. If one does not know why they’re unhappy, they have no pure reason to find out what is worth chasing. Don’t be afraid to be unhappy, don’t be afraid to experience sadness. It’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to cry. Embrace your sadness, because even in the darkest of tunnels we somehow find a way to spark our own fire.