Don’t Be Afraid To Fall In Love With Yourself


Before you focus on anything—your job, hobbies, other relationships—you must at least begin to work on your mental health. There is nothing more important than that. Without a healthy mind, you cannot have a healthy body or a happy life. Your entire experience on Earth is essentially created around your mental health, since The Law of Attraction is always at work. If you’re giving off negative frequencies, negativity will be drawn to you. More importantly, if you give off positive vibes, your life will begin to flourish.

Wherever part of the mental health journey you’re at now, I’m proud of you! It is important to give yourself credit for every little success. Getting out of bed each day is an accomplishment. Going to a crowded event even though large groups may cause you great anxiety is a huge accomplishment. Actively being aware of how you speak about yourself in your head is amazing. If you are just beginning your mental health journey, I’m so excited for you. Wherever you are in this process, you’re doing wonderfully, and great things are coming your way. It is a huge step just to become aware of the fact that your mental health is incredibly important and that you probably need to pay more attention to it.

You must focus intensely on the way you speak of yourself. Whether it be out loud or just in your head, your subconscious hears what you say and takes it seriously. You can’t jokingly say “I’m so stupid/fat/ugly/etc.” because your brain will believe you. This can be more detrimental to your health than most people realize. By talking badly about yourself, you harm your self-image. If you have these negative self-opinions, you will never feel unconditional love for yourself. Make it a goal to stop doing this. Your first step could be to give yourself a genuine compliment every time you put self negativity into your head. Try to listen to the thoughts that pop into your head and promptly correct them if necessary. Eventually, the compliments will replace the sarcastic disrespect. This is a huge step towards self love.

Discrediting other people’s opinions is a requirement if you want to improve the love you hold for yourself. Realizing that your opinion is the only one that matters is great progress. Nobody in the world holds the power to label you as a person. The entire population doesn’t have to like you. People will have their opinions even without any factual reasoning. People who don’t really know you cannot contribute to forming your personal view of yourself. If you become the type of person that YOU value and respect, that’s what matters. You are the center of your universe. Aim to please nobody but yourself.

Take care of yourself—you are the only person that you can truly count on. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. Make sure you’re drinking water. Fuel your body with the nutrients that you require in order to feel good. Keep your body and your living space clean and orderly. If you don’t respect yourself and create an environment that you are comfortable and safe in, you won’t be happy. Your surroundings influence your mental health immensely. Show yourself some love; treat yourself in whatever way you would treat someone that you are hopelessly in love with. Fall in love with yourself. You are worthy of love—provide yourself with it.

Don’t be afraid to have some compassion for yourself. Take into consideration all that you have been through. You have to realize how resilient you truly are, all that you’ve experienced, yet here you are, alive and well. It’s okay to cut yourself some slack. You’re doing your best; you’re doing great. Give yourself credit for the strength you hold each day.

Loving yourself is a key part of having a happy, fulfilling life. Having a poor self-image will hold you back every day. I hope you will put these methods into practice during your everyday life and gain the love and respect for yourself that you deserve. Learning to love yourself will change your life.

Repeat after me: I love myself, I am beautiful, I am capable, I am worthy.