“Don’t Be Sad It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened” *Barfs Aggressively*


I find it odd that someone once said these seemingly wise words. “smile because it happened.” Does the author realize that being sad is an emotion while a smile is simply a facial expression?

Sure anyone could just put on a smile for a day, week or their whole life, while a hurricane of sadness is flowing through their veins. So why not both? This author seems to think a smile will take away the sadness and the pain that is held within our very core. How naïve.

Is it better to have something and lose it or to never have something at all? On one hand you have the lessons you learned, but you also have to live with the painful memories of failing to keep something once precious to us, not to mention the pain of others involved. On the other hand, you live with none of the above living in blissful ignorance.

Now this leads us to a greater question, I have found that the more I learn about the world, the more I realize I know next to nothing. When I was a kid I thought I knew everything because I knew nothing, ironic isn’t it? The more we search for answers the more lost we find ourselves.

Sometimes I wish I could go back, to the times when I knew nothing at all, to the times when the most pain we felt was stubbing our toe, to the times when we were blissfully ignorant of this God forsaken world around us.

I want to say that I would never trade the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained to go back, but I really can’t. Was it really worth it? The sacrifice was so great. Friends were lost. Painful memories haunt my dreams. Regrets of what I could’ve done differently.

And what did I gain from all this? Knowledge.

The only shining light in this abyss of darkness, is that throughout my life I make it a point to share this knowledge with others. My experiences, my wisdom, my follies and my triumphs. This is so whoever cares to listen may be blessed with knowledge, while not having to live their lives with a fake smile plastered on their face.

image –Eleazar