Don’t Become So Busy Posting About Life That You Aren’t LIVING Life


We now live in a world where everything is being flashed across the internet. We show off everything we shopped for to prove how well-off we are. We document our travel, point-by-point, to show how exciting our lives are. We make sure to take a Friday night picture to brag how we are having such a good time.

Everything is being displayed – job promotions, new car, relationships, fancy meal, work-out sessions, OOTDs. We hardly ever keep anything to ourselves.

We make it a point to post even the smallest achievement on the internet. If you don’t update, the world would assume that your life is dull and uneventful.

With this kind of mindset, when was the last time you embraced an amazing moment and just stayed there without bothering to take a picture or think about how you would post about it?

Here’s an unpopular truth: people who post less are actually those who lead amazing lives. And guess what? They don’t need to prove it.

These are usually the people who don’t broadcast what they have and what they do. These are the people who don’t equate their self- assurance on the amount of ‘likes’ they get.

Have you seen a photo of a fancy bag or a new mobile phone with the hashtag #blessed? Truly blessed people know that there’s so much to a blessing than just material things. Real blessings are those that cannot be captured by photos like coming home to a happy family after a long day of work, or friends who never fail to be there for you during the I-need-you moments. There are a lot of blessings around but, no, your $2,000 handbag is not one of it.

Private people also know how to ignore what other people are doing and achieving. They don’t turn into a green-eyed monster when they see a Forever 21 haul post and feel like they also need to shop even if they are broke. They don’t do ‘staycations’ just because everyone is doing it. They don’t need to compete with anyone. They don’t fake happiness and contentment.

Also, let’s not forget the rants and dramas. Private people are not hell bent on the idea of ‘haters’. They don’t run their mouth from the screen and blab against people who are ‘jealous’ of them. They know that fighting battles as a keyboard warrior won’t show how strong you are as a person but will only reveal that you are classless. And of course, they don’t let people get into their relationships by posting about every ups and downs of their love stories.

Just because some people don’t broadcast their accomplishments and possessions mean they are leading a boring life.

They are actually too busy walking in their purpose to waste time impressing people on social media. They know too well that nothing good comes from too many people knowing their business. Low-key is always the best way to be.