Don’t Believe Her When She Tells You That She Stopped Loving You


If a woman tells you to stop loving her and sod off, do not believe her. She needs it more than she admits.

There will be days where she will drive you away, not wanting you to be a part of her life. She will stop texting you the words you always want to hear from her. She will no longer look straight into your eyes as if she wants to understand and calm your unsettled soul. She will stop inviting you over to watch her favorite TV series and listen to her daydreams about McDreamy.

She will throw all your things out of her apartment as she yells all the expletives there are at you. She will change her phone number, e-mail address, and all her passwords. She will return all your gifts including the gray hoodie jacket she constantly wore. She will ask her friends to tell you to stop bugging her and that she’s better off without you. All the unplanned movie/coffee dates, birthday surprises, back hugs and weekend getaways she always arranges will come to an end. She will just suddenly turn from the insane person who always wants your full attention to the cold person she attempts to be.

Despite all these, love her still. Make her feel that no matter what vexes her, you will be by her side, protecting her from all the possible harm the Universe can cause her.

Do not give up on her without a fight. She might not listen to you, at first, but do not give up. It will be hard, yes, but remember that she is worth it. She has a reason for her decision of letting you go but she never actually stopped loving you.

Hold her tight, look into her eyes and tell her the truth your heart have always known. Do not humor her with quotes from her favorite Julia Roberts movies. Prepare a speech, do not just wing it. Neither impress her with flowery words nor bore her with empty ones. Be candidly bold. Do not make her believe, make her feel. If she ever interrupts you from pouring your heart out into words, stop her.

She will try to hurt you using her words, only because she’s afraid. She is fighting off the possibility of getting hurt again. Her experience with her parent’s separation served as a reminder for her not to give her heart away.

Do not ask for her heart because it’s the last thing she wants to break. Ask for her love again and love alone. For a woman like her, love amounts more than you can offer. She is a troubled soul, but if she chooses to, she will free herself from the fear of losing in love for you. She will also fight for you until there’s no battle left.

Until then, love her still. She needs it more than she admits.