Don’t Change Your Big Heart For People Who Can’t Love You


I hope no one ever makes you feel inferior for having a heart with the capacity for loving at the caliber you are capable of… Passion is a powerful trait so never view yourself weak for feeling connection with such force.

Your heart is constantly urging to give that outpour of compassion. You were born to love. You were born to make people feel special, you were born to experience every emotion of happiness or sadness at a magnitude that most people may not understand…

But don’t allow that to let you feel lost, because every now and then, when you least expect it your heart will align with one of these souls that is able to reciprocate what you radiate. You will feel whole, but never doubt you weren’t always that way darling.  These souls will come and go. Don’t let that hurt you. There are things in this life we can’t control despite what your idealistic heart might think. Learn from these experiences to enhance yourself and prepare for your next journey.

Be present. I had an insanely beautiful human explain to me during an anxious moment that depression comes from decisions or choices you made in the past… Did you make the right decision? Did you say the wrong thing?… Anxiety comes from fear or being apprehensive of the future. Will I always feels alone? Will my career fulfill me?..

The only way we can be completely at bliss with ourselves is to be present. Embrace your current situation and allow your heart to take in the now. It is important to let ourselves feel, but just like everything in life, feel in moderation when you feel everything at the force we do. Learn to be present and let go of the things you can’t control. Have faith in whatever higher power you turn to.

I know what it’s like to have heart strings that are unable to withstand the weight you put them through. I know how it feels to sit there with a lump in your throat trying with all your might to keep it together when you feel your heart crumbling inside you. I know what it’s like to have your heart broken by someone who neglected a heart so whole. You’re not alone if you feel like I do.

Keep searching for your someone who has the ability to give the way you do. A heart that so passionate it feels with every inch. Realize what a gift it is to love at the capacity you do even though it can feel like a burden to feel the not so wonderful things just as strongly.

You are so wonderful. Be present and bask in all that you are, and some heart conditioned to love at your parallel will find you. Until then share your love with the world, expel the love you have overflowing inside you and make this world a more beautiful place.