Don’t Confuse A Season For A Lifetime


On this 9/11 anniversary, I am taking a different approach in honoring that day, and the lessons of hope and resilience from 16 years ago. Everything that has transpired since, from the world view, to our own personal voyage – through uncommon grace during any tragedy or triumph we feel – humanity coming together, uniting and igniting our joy bubbles with love and courage to better ourselves as humans – this is the passage that we must walk to welcome the new season upon us – one that brings new perspective and new strength and the hope that what we aim to accomplish, with each step we take as individuals, are decisions that become literal hope and bravery examples for those who need it most.

So this is a reminder that when we are fearless in our journey, we are ultimately fiercely capable of coping with whatever strikes our path, and we should.

Never forget to fall into those seasonal feels…the feels that come with the change of temperature, environment and visuals, the absence of what was, and the soon to be what is to come. The non-permanent. I can feel the seasons changing, and both my mind and my body are trying to adapt. The shift of Mother Earth and her bountiful seasonal pleasures, they force me to find my joy. To find my place in this life and be open to change.

I get off on the fall breeze, the warm sun shining down between the falling leaves, the smell of fire, hoodies, and hot cocoa – I beg for the presence of this time of year, because it is like no other. Spring comes close, but fall is my jam. It feels clean to me, crisp, and lends to some brilliant colors and amazing skies and weather. Truly though, it’s how my mind and body feel in the fall – like a fresh start, I feel less depressed and more aware. Everything is heightened, like I am also shedding a layer of old growth, and preparing and defending my body for the new journey that awaits me.

In order to grow, one must tear down the walls and be emotionally naked. I have a sense of life revision, becoming something different, not a brand new me – but a new way of taking myself in. You must recreate your self-identity, and just as the seasons do – be ready and willing to start over, in the space your mind is now. You don’t always have to bloom to blossom, but you do have to feel the breakthrough. So many seasonal feels – the kind that demand my full attention, no more distractions, fully focused, and there is no spare time for wasted energy, or vibes.

Don’t confuse a season for a lifetime – things will change – and right now, let’s be trees and drop everything that no longer serves a purpose in our story. All is well with my soul in the Fall, and even though I may still fall down and struggle, I am better off knowing that I am not alone in this shift of perspective, this change, this momentum – these feels of truth and faith with what comes next, and how so very much it’s meant to be.

Embrace your journey, embrace the shift, embrace these courageous seasonal feels and act upon them.