Don’t Cry Over Boys Who Don’t Matter


Don’t cry over boys who don’t matter. Don’t let one tear shed for the guys who won’t text back. The ones who send an instant response and then leave you on “read.”

Don’t mope for the men who are critics. Who are insecure in themselves so they find the flaws in you.

Don’t sob in showers or on shoulders over the men who chased tail. The social media posters and selfie snappers who fill feeds with women in tight dresses and sparklers in bottles.

Don’t cry out in pain over the narcissists. Those who put themselves first above all, above others and especially above you.

Don’t trip over the tools. The ones who are immature and are afraid to face a future.

Don’t bawl for the self-proclaimed ballers. The boys who think money and status exempts them from loyalty and morals.

Don’t whimper for the guys who are users. The ones who take and take but never give and are the ultimate losers.

Don’t lose sleep over the ones who won’t label. The men who blur the lines of relationships and who fear the label of monogamy the most.

Don’t be anxious with the guys who are the masters of disguise. The ones appear kind and sweet but are evil deep down inside.

Don’t wail over the ones are lazy. The ones who don’t want to put effort. The ones who don’t really care if they end up losing you.

Don’t stress over the boys who will hide you. Who are afraid to show the world that you are theirs and they are yours.

Don’t weep in the night over the liars. The boys who don’t think they’ll get caught but eventually always do.

Don’t cry one tear, lose one thought, waste one night for those boys who don’t matter. Because the only one who matters is you.