Don’t Date Me If You Can’t Stay Faithful


Don’t date me if you think it’s okay to chase others girls. Don’t date me if you think sleeping with someone is the only form of cheating that counts.

Don’t act like it’s no big deal to ‘harmlessly’ flirt with your ex when my back is turned and she texts you. Don’t think I am going to forgive you if temptation gets the best of you and you reinstall your dating apps or buy a drink for someone pretty at a bar.

I am not a forgiving person — at least, not when it comes to cheating. You don’t get three strikes. You don’t get a second chance. You only get one.

The second you show me you are unable to be trusted, the minute you make me believe it was a mistake to hand you my heart in the first place, I am going to pack my bags. It doesn’t matter how much I like you because I will never like someone enough to settle. I will never like someone enough to lower my standards for them.

I don’t consider myself a picky person. All I want is someone who makes me laugh, can hold a conversation, and treats me with respect.

The rules are simple: Don’t date me if you’re going to cheat on me.

Don’t commit to me if you are interested in another girl.

Don’t start a serious relationship with me if a part of you is going to wish you were still single so you could play the field without worrying about getting caught.

I’m not interested in flings or friends with benefits or one-night stands and all of the drama that comes along with them. I am ready to invest in a long-term relationship.

If you choose to date me, don’t sneak around. Don’t give out your number at clubs. Don’t leave my name out of conversations to make it seem like you are still available.

If you choose to date me, don’t lie to me. Don’t make up excuses instead of owning your shit. Don’t think you are going to get away with telling half true stories with holes in them. Don’t assume I will give you the benefit of the doubt when you come across as sketchy because I am going to dig and discover the truth.

If you choose to date me, it should be because you only want me. If you are having a hard time choosing between me and another girl, choose her. If you are having a hard time deciding whether you are ready for a real relationship, stay single.

I don’t want someone who is unsure about me. I don’t want someone who is only half-invested. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder, unsure if my relationship is going to last another week or whether I am going to get thrown aside.

I want someone who will stay faithful. Someone who will make me feel loved. Someone who will give me as much as I am willing to give them.