Don’t Date Someone You Can’t Have Fun With At The Grocery Store


let them sit in the cart and push them around.
have a heated debate over what you should have for dinner tonight: pizza rolls or burritos?
debate solved: burritos with pizza rolls inside.
give them your cardigan in the frozen section even though you’re freezing.
walk through every aisle and tell them what you think of everything,
and listen to their input too.
what was their favorite childhood candy? what tea can they not get enough of? what potato chip have they been hopelessly craving lately?
listen, and listen because you want to.

hold their hand through every aisle and be enthusiastic about everything you see.
observe the people around you.
hundreds of people so anxious to leave, sweating bullets just to get their organic produce, distraught looks on their faces.
then you’ll give your lover that one look that only you two understand,
because when you’re together, everything is colorful.

when you love someone,
every errand should be a thrilling excursion
and every obligation should be a laughable odyssey.

waiting in line at the DMV becomes a spiritual experience
and your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere becomes one for the books.

the common herd of unhappy people with bland relationships will tell you to lower your expectations,
but they couldn’t be more wrong.

you deserve to see in color, not in black and white.

if your lover is monochromatic, leave.

you deserve someone who is willing to show you all of their colors.

don’t settle for a lukewarm lover who won’t take the time to know your fiery complex soul.
and if you can’t have fun with them at the grocery store,
maybe you’re better off alone.