Don’t Ever Let Someone Make You Think That You Are Unlovable


Don’t ever let someone make you feel small or inferior or any less of a person than they are. Don’t ever let someone make you think that you don’t deserve love. And don’t let them make you believe that you are unlovable.

Don’t ever let someone make you feel like you aren’t enough. You are always, always enough.

Don’t let someone’s rejection of your heart make you think that it’s your fault. Don’t ever blame yourself for when people break up with you, or ghost you, or flat out reject you.

That’s on them, not you. That’s their mistake, not yours. That is their loss. Not yours.

Don’t ever blame yourself. Don’t curse your own sensitivity. Don’t look down on yourself just because one person couldn’t see your beauty.

Right now, you think it’s the end of the world. You think you will never be loved again. You think you will be alone forever. You think they were the one for you. And they left because you weren’t good enough. They left because you are pathetic.

Get all those negative thoughts, toss them in a plastic bag and throw it all away.

This is just one person. One body. One human being. One heart.

Just because this one person said goodbye to you, doesn’t mean that everyone else will. And if anything, you should be grateful they left. Happy they walked away. Because now you get to start anew. Now you get to meet someone else. Someone better. Someone who will see you for who you are. Someone who will cherish you and love you. Someone who will teach you how to love and cherish yourself. Someone who won’t say goodbye.

But right now, you need to be on your own. You need to see that this person doesn’t matter anymore. This person is a coward for leaving you. This person isn’t worth your tears or your time. Not anymore.

Don’t let this person dictate you. Don’t let this person make you feel like you are nothing. Don’t let this person control how you see your self. And don’t ever let anybody make you feel like you are worthless.

Trust me, you are worth more than you even know.