Don’t Ever Travel With Cheap People. Ever.


1. They don’t make payments by deadlines.

2. Sitting on the beach is their first suggestion… which makes sense considering it cost money to do everything else.

3. Dining will suck! Don’t expect fine dining with them.

4. If you do go out, expect to cover the meal costs.

5. Choosing a 4 star hotel might be your plan… However, your cheap friend will try to sell you on a hostel.

6. Layovers suck… but red eyes and 10 hour layovers to save $20 suck even more.

7. Your cheap friend won’t know how to enjoy the trip because they’re too busy worrying about money.

8. You’ll be extremely uncomfortable while they dwell on the cost the entire trip.

9. Always offers to cover the last round of drinks… The last round usually never happens.

10. Will complain everywhere you go with hopes of getting something for free.

featured image – Flickr / PhotoAtelier