Don’t Fall In Love With A Girl Who Reads


I mean every word of this, more strongly than I feel about anything else. Don’t fall in love with a girl who reads. I wouldn’t. 

She will accentuate herself in the essence of Sylvia Plath, hiding it in the layers of her skin. Her body will have scars that Shakespearean tragedies can only rave about. Her fantasies will be grander than the life spent at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her solace will be in the nights that she spends wrapped up in the arms of Murukami and Bukowski. She will try to search between your lips for words that only Fitzgerald would say, only to be erased later. She will hope for the aching of Vladimir Nobokov to run in your groins. She will secretly wish that Leo Tolstoy could write her your story, even before it ever began.. Her life will never be as vivid and compelling as a Jane Austen adaptation. She will never be enough for anyone because she failed to be a Virginia Woolf protagonist. She will be curious and fragile and scared because you won’t be as honest as Pablo Neruda and maybe because you wouldn’t ever figure her out like Sidney Sheldon would.

Don’t try to know her stories.

She is probably haunted by what she doesn’t read between your eyes yet. She will touch your lips in a way that leaves her gasping for vulnerability and brokenness. She will actually end up believing every word that you put in her ears with a faith so deep, which will put you to shame. The way you grope her would mean a lot more to her than what your heart can ever contain. She might just call your name out in the open because she is still trying to cope with the fact that you have made a way into her life. Momentary or not, your persuasion of trying to make her happy with false metaphors could shatter her more than you just lusting her for her warmth. No matter how much ever you pursue and try and relentlessly chase her unwritten dreams, she will be left with a numbness that will make you twinge.

Don’t make her a part of your life.

She never will be because she is not capable of holding on to the strings of her own life. She is not enough to handle the demons of her own past. Your love songs won’t shut out the voices that mock her in her own head. You will have to fight and push and compel her to make her realize how much you want to touch her scars. You will have to clench your teeth for every time you look at her and she is in her galaxy, far far away. She doesn’t need to be rescued from her cobwebs of her deluded apathy. What she wants is for you to find her there and tell her how worth she is. And yes, more often than not, she will push you away. She will cut you off and feed on empty delusions and epiphanies. She will paint her heart black and her soul so cold that the mere sight of her will torment you. But she is doing that for a reason. Because she believes in the knight in shining armor and what makes it worse is she secretly sees a part of him in you. All that she desires is for you to tie her down, kiss her salty lips and stay, no matter how much she propels you to leave.

That’s why I am saying this. Don’t fall in love with a girl who reads.

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