Don’t Forget The ‘Healer Personality’ Needs Healing Too


I am a healer. I have always wanted the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. I have always aimed to make this dream a reality by being there for everyone in my life, by genuinely wanting the best for them and helping them through rough times. This is what healers do. We are a group of like minded individuals who seek the betterment of ourselves, others and the world around us.

Sometimes it’s easy to help those around us. We provide others a shoulder to lean on, and open ears. We give a small part of ourselves in order to help those who we care about.

Healing is who we are.

We are people who nurture and shoulder the pains and burdens of our beloved ones to remind them that they are beloved.

Often times we attract those who need serious repair. We are a breed that exudes positive energy, and that energy draws in damaged people. We are seen as perfection by those who are in need of a healer. Healers are seen as the life changing karmic forces in the lives of others.

As much as we enjoy being the person who wants the best for everyone in our lives, being a healer can be exhausting.

We are expected to be the person who nurtures everyone. We are the person that our personal ghosts past run to. We attract everyone who is in need of non-judgmental and unconditional support. Healers spend so much time helping others that we learn to push our own issues and emotions down. Bottling these emotions down we fail to learn how to properly deal with our own lives. We learn to live knowing that we are simply fixers going around fixing the world we live in.

To my fellow healers, we must acknowledge the emotions and thoughts we have.

We mustn’t let everyone into our lives we see that need fixing if they will destroy us in the process. There are many people who come and go in our lives, we must accept that we cannot heal everyone.