Don’t Forget To Feel Alive In This Moment


You’re in the waiting. You’re in the dark, occasionally stumbling and hitting the ground facefirst. You try to find yourself in what seems like the most complicated and twisted of paths that is your life journey, searching for your goals, your dreams, and the things and people that will ultimately make you happy—with it comes hardships, but these are also your growing pains.

Your heart is pounding out of your chest, so loud you can hear it reverberate in your ears. Can you hear it? It is the sound of you being perfectly human—being alive to work towards your dreams, to embrace challenges, and to feel every emotion you possibly can. You are here, now, facing life headfirst. Take a deep breath and remember that this day is just one of many—and every day is a chance to make things anew.

When a wave of anxiety, self-doubt, or fear comes crashing over your head, igniting your fight or flight response, fight for what you so strongly believe in—everything that is dear to you and the important values that you embody at your very core. Always believe in yourself, your abilities, the chance to make yourself into the individual you want to be. You have the power to make change in your own life, do good for other people’s lives, and to live outside of your comfort zone. What scares you inside and makes you want to run is the very challenge that you should embrace.

Be in the present, and take a moment to feel. To be grounded. To let your mind rest. Your future is the gratitude you embody, the love you give, the time you invest in your passions, and the care you provide to yourself.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You are present in this moment, and it is one to feel alive in, no matter where you are on your own journey.