Don’t Judge Others For Screwing Up, Because You Might End Up In The Same Shoes


We never know when we will find ourselves in the same shoes of those we once criticized. It might not be now, but it could definitely be years later. This is why we cannot be those people who choose to cast judgment on others, but rather learn from the mistakes that others make.

One day, we will be tested. The strength we said we had all along will be tested. Our world will rattle and shake a little bit, and it will force us to come to a crossroads in considering and determining what decisions we make, what values we currently hold, and what mistakes we have observed that we do not want to make in our own lives.

I promise you, one day we will have our faith and the sincerity of our hearts tested over and over again. We might have watched others in our lives fall and thought to ourselves, ‘How could they do or say that?’ But I promise you, there will be things that we will fall into the trap of doing and saying that others will mumble under their breath the same exact thing.

No one’s life is perfect. And everyone faces their own battles daily because we each have unique lessons to learn.

So with that, where does that leave us?

It leaves us knowing that we are not excused from travelling on difficult roads ahead, even when we feel like there’s nothing but smooth streets under our feet. It leaves us in a state of humility knowing at any given moment, we could be the one that loses sight of what we have and who we are. It leaves us with opportunities to continue growing in forgiveness, acceptance, respect, prayer, faith, and humility in the process. This understanding ultimately leaves us in a better place because it allows us to become receptive to all the outcomes instead of the only outcome that assumes that we have won in life because we’ve endured nothing complicated.