Don’t Let Him Pressure You Into Doing These 12 Things


1. Having sex. I don’t care if you’ve been making out for the past half-hour of have been dating for the past three years. You don’t owe him sex. Your body is your business.

2. Having sex without a condomIf you end up pregnant, you’re the one that will experience changes. You’re the one that will be paying for the gynecologist visits. You’re the one who has to deal with the repercussions while he has the option to run away.

3. Eating less. Why should you be expected to be stick thin when he has a gut that hangs over his jeans? Doesn’t he know that every body is beautiful? Don’t date someone that wishes you’d change the way you are.

4. Having children. You weren’t born to please a man and you weren’t born to raise a child, either. If you want to become a mother, that’s wonderful! But if you don’t, you aren’t any less of a woman.

5. Hiding your feelings. When you have something to say, say it. You’re not too sensitive or overly emotional or overdramatic. You’re a human being with feelings. You have the right to express them.

6. Getting married. A ring doesn’t define your worth. A man doesn’t determine your value. You can be single from now until eternity and live a fulfilling life, so don’t let anyone pressure you into marriage.

7. Dressing sexy. Yes, it’s important to dress up for your partner every once in a while. Yes, you should want to make him happy. But he should view you as more than a body. If he loves you for your laugh and your kindness and your mind, then he won’t care if you spend more nights in your flannel PJs than in your nightie.

8. Keeping it casual. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping around if you want to. If you don’t want to, then don’t settle for a man that’s only willing to be your FWB. Don’t settle for a man that expects you to give him what he wants when he’s unwilling to give you what you want.

9. Staying at home. If you do end up getting married and having kids, you have the option to stay home. Just like you have the option to work. There’s no right or wrong. It’s all about your opinion.

10. Taking care of all the chores. In a healthy relationship, you’ll both put in effort. You’re not the one that should be stuck holding the house, and the relationship, together. It should be a team effort.

11. Drinking. You should be able to have a good time without getting wasted. If you both need alcohol to survive a night out together, then you’re in the wrong relationship.

12. Saying, “I love you.” He shouldn’t have to guilt trip you into uttering those three little words. If you’re not in love with him, then you’re not in love with him. It’s not your fault. So don’t say it, unless you mean it.