Don’t Let Society Take Away The Child Inside You


Sometimes I watch the people I love and I see them trying so hard to do the grown up thing. Sit properly, eat properly, run properly, act properly, do what society finds acceptable so that you won’t be singled out for ridicule and it makes me so sad. Because what is proper anyway? Proper is the most boring thing invented, simply because we are conditioned from an early age to dull our sparkle, our shine simply to be accepted.

The truth is, my closest friends are weirdos. Which is awesome, because I am a weirdo too. Everyone I have ever been close to has a little bit of mischief in their eyes, a little bit of goofy in their smile, a little bit of fun hiding inside their hearts. Sure, we try hard by the people we love, but when it comes to life, we listen to the child within us at all times. That little bit of kid inside us that tells us to just pull a prank once in a while, laugh deep and loud and authentically without tempering it for the next table, talk and ask questions even if they make you feel silly because you need to know answers.

Kids are brave. Kids are also out there to have fun until we make them care about what other kids think of them. And having a kid inside us builds empathy and laughter in ways no one could ever think of. So sometimes, no matter what other people think about you, try and be that kid inside again.

Be the person who makes others laugh with your goofiness and impress them with your courage to be yourself no matter how much people try and convince you it’s wrong. Never forget that little sparkle, that little child you have on the inside.