Don’t Let The Dream-Killers Destroy Your Dreams


Dear Dreamer,

Your dream is your divine gift to the world. It is your mission that needs to be accomplished. It is your legacy that must be left. It is the meaning of life that you are searching for. It is the imprint that you were here someday and made a difference. It is a small soul that needs you to save it and bring it to life. You and only you can make your dream come true. You and only you can help your ideas and inspirations see the daylight. You and only you can be your own hero. You and only you can do your work and make your own unique contribution to the world. You and only you can be your dream hero. Don’t wait for the perfect moment and condition; don’t postpone it any longer. Start today, with baby steps, with no clear roadmap, with fears and doubts. You don’t have to have clear-cut ideas and a vision of how things will unfold. You don’t need to have all the answers at the onset of your journey; what you need to have, however, is unwavering faith that one day this vision shall transmute into reality.

As you might already know, the journey won’t always be seamless and easy. There will be sunshine and rainbows as there will be rain and hailstorms. There will be moments of glory and victory as there will be moments of defeat and tragedy. The most important thing is to remember that everything you go through and every single moment happens for you and shapes who you are. Life often tests your commitment to gauge how much you really want it. To pass life tests with flying colors, you need to hold on your faith and determination. In the midst of the journey, you might have doubts and things might seem meaningless and aimless at times. However, in the end of the journey, everything will make perfect sense. You will realize that everything is connected, and that your journey is the product of serendipity rather than mere chance. You will also discover that everything, whether it seemed good or bad on the surface, was a major stepping stone that has led you to your destination. You will learn that your failures and shortcomings are your best teachers, for they made you stronger and wiser. So put it as a rule of thumb that you should always trust your journey even when you feel lost and confused. Everything is working in tandem to get you to your destination.

As you begin working on your dream, you need to protect it and guard against dream killers. These can be manifested in different shapes. They can be manifest as the people who continuously doubt your vision. These people will come up with all possible excuses for why your dream is impossible. They will advise you to give up before it is too late and before you waste your time and energy in vain. They will remind you of all the limitations and tell you to stop aiming high. Other times, they can be manifested in the shadows of your past failures who keep hunting you whenever you attempt to venture out of your comfort zone. But the worst dream-killers of all are your inner devils: that critical little voice who constantly tells you that it is impossible, those limiting self-beliefs that undermine your motivation and confidence, your distorted self-image, fears, and insecurities. All of them will try to make you give up on your dream. This is why it is imperative not only to anticipate these threats but equally to guard against them before they can get to your dream. To that end, you have to see it first in your own mind and believe that it is totally possible for you to get there and make it happen despite everything. Feed your dream by surrounding yourself with dreamers and achievers who will remind you of your own worth and potential when you start doubting yourself and path and who will encourage, inspire, and push you outside your comfort zone. Energies and thoughts are contagious. Therefore, protect your dream from energy suckers and negative thinkers because all they will do is try to kill your dream with their poisonous words.

Lastly, erase the term “give up” from your dictionary. Don’t give up on your dream, even when it seems so far away and even when the odds seem to be stacked against you. As long as you keep moving, you shall arrive. Remain focused on your destination, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well. It’s not what you get that will make you happy; it’s who you become during the process, the spiritual growth that you experience, that will make you jubilant. Never stop dreaming, never stop exploring, and never stop growing! Life is meant to be lived as an adventure. The greatest adventure one can experience is that of pursuing your dreams.