Don’t Let Your Broken Heart Define You


We oftentimes let our broken hearts and those who broke our hearts define how we live life. I woke up today with this revelation that it doesn’t have to be this way. I can wake up and choose to have the best day of my life even if I’m hurt inside because I deserve better.

We don’t choose to have our hearts broken. It just happens and we choose how we live after that. We either choose to let it affect everything associated with us or we can ignore it all and enjoy being alive and move on.

This is, indeed, easier said than done, but it’s all about mentality. It’s about being hopeful that tomorrow could be the single brightest day you’ve ever experienced even if it’s just a regular Wednesday. It is embracing the unknown even if you feel like there is nothing to live for anymore.

We can choose to take our hurt and transform it into something positive and optimistic. We can do things without thinking about anyone but ourselves, we can eat anything we want without having to worry if our S.O will want to eat the same thing, we can sleep spread eagle on the bed without being told to scoot over.

We can take the most negative, hurtful thing in our lives and transform it into something beautiful, but it’s all about mindset.

It takes having the mentality to tell yourself “I am hurt. I am afraid of what’s next for me, but I get to decide whatever happens from today on and I will be okay.”

It’s recognizing all the hurt you feel but being positive that you can make it better.

It starts and ends with you.

We can ponder and wonder and ask ourselves “what if”, but it will be a dead end. There is no moving on from that. There is no solution that could come from that.

It takes being stronger than ever in a time when you feel so weak and vulnerable, but we can all do it. We all have that strength in us.