Don’t Let Your Fear Hold You Back From The Good Things In Life


We have so much goodness and love to give, yet I know many are afraid to receive it. It’s overwhelming. It makes us vulnerable, and it may be fleeting.

Because many of us are afraid and conditioned to believe that something bad will happen after a good thing, it seems we now all live in a pessimistic world built on fear.

The same fear that is holding us back from anything or everything good that could have happened in our lives. So we reject the idea or the possibility of good.

Our insecurities are the root of our problems. We then feel low, undeserving, unworthy of anything good. So we accept what we think we deserve, the bare minimum. But we deserve so much more. Because we are all flawed, but it is our flaws that make us human. It is our imperfections that allow us to experience life through various journeys of growth.

But we are amazing in our own way. No one person is made the same. We all deserve to be loved, yes, but by the right people. Know that not everyone is for you. But you will be loved by the right people who choose to love you. And they will be there. They will never leave. You can be the most flawed, broken person in the world, but they’ll be there. You can shun them or avoid them like the plague, but they’ll be there.

These people see so much potential in you that you are unable to see in yourself. But most often, these are also the people you hurt the most. Many times you test them, abuse them, and take their love for granted.

Because of your insecurities, because you feel unworthy, you expect them to throw in the towel eventually, like the majority of the world or people who are not right for us. So you push them and abuse them, hoping that they will snap and prove you right eventually.

Your insecurity becomes poison to others because some people they never leave and end up being subjected to your cycle of abuse. You do not see that, and you probably never will.

I just hope that before it gets to that, you will soon see your own worth. That you can become the potential that people see in you. That you love your flaws and you see them as seeds of opportunities to grow into better versions of you through the years of your life. And that however painful the process, however difficult, you grit out teeth and go through the process alongside people who are rooting for you.

I hope that when you see that, you will know not to hurt the ones around you, because they have their struggles and insecurities too. I hope that you will in turn show them how amazing they are and help them see their own potential.