Don’t Let Your Limits Define You


Doubt and fear always exist. Some of us have learned to tune it out while others are still struggling to overcome their doubts and fears. The thing is that there is no time limit when it comes to working on yourself. Some things in your life are going to take a lifetime to work on or fix. But that’s what gives your life meaning and that is what can motivate you every morning if you’re open-minded about the things that limit you. Our limitations really aren’t noticeable unless we let our lack of confidence show it. Life really is all about being confident with your abilities even if you have no reason to be.

If you limit yourself, then I promise you that the world is missing out on someone with so much potential. We all have different tools in the toolbox in terms of our own strengths and abilities. That is what makes everyone unique. If everyone had the same tools, then that would make everyone expendable. No one would really have any value to them. We live in a world that roots for good stories. If you feel like you have fatal limitations, then it’s okay to prove to the world that limitations won’t hold you back. You’re going to have people root for you because they will see what they want to be in you.

The truth is everyone is limited. No one is limitless. We all have an imaginary stamina bar or battery limit within us. Knowing your own weaknesses is never a bad thing. That will always be a strength. Learning yourself may be the hardest lesson you ever learn in life. There is an obvious bias. We want to love everything about ourselves, but we can never escape ourselves. This makes it harder for us to accept everything we are because we never know exactly what everyone else has. What someone is missing within them that makes you glad you’re you is something we never experience. As a result, we never see how weak and limited others feel at times. We can only feel that in our own bodies. Everyone has limitations that they are not entirely proud of.

It does take time and a lot of self-love to know that your strengths define you and not your weaknesses. There are people in life who will see you as limited and not accept you for that. Those words can pierce your heart, but those people also show their limits when they reject you. They show that they are looking for people without limits, which isn’t realistic. Your limits are there and they will always exist. There will never be a time in your life where you are limitless. I hope that you surround yourself with people who don’t define you by your limits. This is what brings us feelings of inferiority and isolation. No one deserves to feel that way. It’s important to know that your limits don’t define you, but it’s also important to know that limits shouldn’t be used as labels to others. We’re all worth being seen for the things we’re proud of and not the things we’re missing.