Don’t Listen To Your Head When It Makes You Question Letting Go


Most of the time we try to find comfort in the past, trying to always relieve memories, and holding onto whatever there is left. It’s a very endearing and easy past time. Especially when the smallest things take us back. We hear Ed Sheeran on the radio and our hearts stop to reminisce of what is long gone.

The past always has its ways of haunting us and creeping into our lives even when it is no longer needed or called for. It’s very easy to remember the moments of bliss and happiness we had with someone that meant everything to us in the past. We force ourselves to vividly remember the intricately small details of how good it was, we make sure to hold onto only the good experiences in the past. Our brain tricks us into thinking that we can bring it all back in the future, that maybe this is just some sort of hiccup.

But truth is, nostalgia is deadly, it’s probably the deadliest emotion there is. It won’t give you logic and actual reasoning; it will leave you longing for the shit you left in the first place. It will make sure you run back to whatever broke you.

When in reality, it’s in the past for a very specific reason – a higher power conspired to save you from whatever it was that was not going to do you any good, so why let your emotions trick you into believing that your past must stay in the present?

Life doesn’t come with a handy dandy manual where we can easily skim through pages with a bulleted list of how to move on – I wish right? But this is how things are – and it’s us who needs to adjust. We need to be the ones soaking up the weird feeling of uncertainty, the anxious pain of waiting for time to heal our wounds.

We usually deflect these negative emotions to trick ourselves into thinking we are fine when we obviously aren’t and that’s where we stop growing – that’s where you’ve accepted defeat.

The letting go, the moving on, it’s all part of our journey, that’s how we will all grow into beings with purpose. Life, growing up, moving forth, it’s about putting one foot and let’s add one hand to holding that door open and letting things leave when they need to. It’s about letting what needs to go, to go, it’s about leaving the past where, in the past.

Letting go doesn’t mean we forget entirely. It’s letting ourselves accept the fact that we are capable of forgiving, that we aren’t going to let our minds be our own prisoner. It’s seeing where we can do better, and where we went wrong.

What’s done is done, and no matter what sorcery or witchcraft we try to impose on forcing the past to come back, it won’t and the moment we accept that the reality, the easier it will be for us to cherish the moments we make right now, the moments we will all still have and the greatness that comes with believing that despite all the pain and heartache that has come and go, we are still here moving forth and letting go.